Monday, April 1, 2013

Two Moves

I am preparing for the four flights Owl-Kitten and I have today (and into tomorrow) to move from my beloved home in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Bangkok, Thailand. This will be a great new adventure, but also comes with a tinge of sadness as I sell my house, leave a place, jobs, and people I adore.

It is fitting that while I am packed and headed to O'Hare airport, my friends at Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum are packed and moving to their new location at 1816 10th Street in Two Rivers, Wisconsin on this very same day. While their move might not be far geographically, it is a huge step out of the original factory; where Hamilton started in 1880 and the museum has called home for the past thirteen years.

I was fortunate enough to fit in a short weekend trip to Two Rivers one last time to say farewell to Jim Moran (Museum Director), Stephanie Carpenter (Assistant Director), as well as a delightful crew of volunteers. This is a monumental move, and it is still in need of your help. If you can spare a few bucks, please consider donating it to fund the cost of moving to and purchasing the new building.


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