Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 2 - At Daybreak

I awoke to the roosters somewhere nearby crowing as the sun rose over the horizon. I ignored the first calls, but the sun peering through the skylights alerted me to rise when the second call came. It was 7am and the day had begun and I was missing the coolest part of it. As I sat before breakfast, the birds, lizards, and multitude of insects were already well into their daily doings.

I found my way to Doi Saket with Eva's instructions - it's a game of interpretation with the roads outside of the town center are winding and meet one another organically. I had already waited a bit too long into the day to make the journey on foot, so I quickly found what I needed, and checking the hardware store for some plywood I had foolishly hoped might be there.  Looks like I will need to travel into Chiang Mai to get a few things.

 As the heat of the day flared,  we dragged along at our labors. At lunch, it was decided that we would go swimming at a secret spot Ong and Maureen knew about at a reservoir. We packed up on two motorbikes, two on each with Lotion, one of the dogs, standing on Ong's handlebars; and made the journey past the dam and along pot-holed roads to the swimming spot. Although the water was significantly lower than it had been previously, the water was glorious - almost hot from baking in the sun. It was only cold about four feet down, where our toes dipped into the chilled water, and we stirred and kicked as we treaded water to bring the cold water up to us.

All around us, the jungle plants enveloped the ground, even though just a few months ago there had been a forest fire through some of this area; vines and large leafed plants had taken hold.  The milky green of the water and the burnt orange of the rocky ground was a world away from the place I had been just two days ago - stuck in the swamp of concrete and glass high rises - and now, the sky stretched out above us and the air clean and clear, and the birds calling back and forth to each other from somewhere amongst the green.

I will get to work tomorrow.

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