Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 4 - A Flight of Tiny Creatures

I have begun printing and have 7 started thus far. I work on my prints in large groups and allow them to evolve together.  I have not yet gone to get the extra supplies I need in Chiang Mai, so I am working with what I have for now.

Across the floor of the studio, up the concrete pillar, through the bamboo branches, and occasionally, on my own skin infinite ants march in varying degrees of manic patterns.  There are more varieties than I can count - or even distinguish completely. There are the tiny black ants that have a treacherous highway with ever oncoming traffic along the bamboo trees. The slightly larger ants on the backsides of the climbing vines that work together building some sort of nest with fine white threads. There are the massive red ones I saw eating the remains of a scorpion that was killed along the road, and the tiny ones that bite, and are always squished before I remember to get a better look at them.

The geckos are not interested in this endless supply of protein on parade, but watch for the mid sided black bugs with large wings. They lay in wait on one side of the concrete pillar, or tree limb, until the winged thing buzzes just a little too close and snap! The gecko retrieves it on its tongue, leaving the wings outside its mouth while it chews. These little things are our house mates also, and since the bugs get in no matter how careful you are with the door, they are welcome houseguests.

Only for a minute, there was a bright red dragonfly the other day, so beautiful and vibrant, but as I moved to try to photograph it, the dragonfly darted off again and I haven't seen it since.

Butterflies are everywhere around the gardens and along the roadsides. Every color and size imaginable has danced through the garden and some, even swirling around one another as they dart from plant to plant. Eva and Maureen swear they saw a colorful butterfly that must have been a foot across a few days ago a the temple. I will have to take a walk over there one day and see if there are any more to be seen.

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